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New Profile Posts

  1. couture2fat2fly
    Prefer build-up style. Great vision on offense and defense. No unnecessary sauce, no ball hogging. Can play CAM, ST, CDM etc.
  2. eF x Hallunke
  3. Nath
    Player for vfl cordoba
  4. Lamont 8 x
  5. l 8 l Gerrard 8
    l 8 l Gerrard 8 Ali
    Ali, why has my account not been verified yet I’ve been waiting over a week?
    1. JoeBhoy I 21 I
      JoeBhoy I 21 I
      Can assure you you haven't waited a week.
      Jan 19, 2018 at 11:23 PM
  6. Tobie Bee
    Tobie Bee
    89 rated CAM looking for a club.
  7. eVe De Gea x
  8. Joe Wright
    Joe Wright
    Free agent CDM/RM
  9. Alex Alves
    Alex Alves
    VFL Leipzig
    1. Nazai likes this.
  10. Lucid Weiro
    Lucid Weiro
    Single ready to mingle xxx
  11. Dyl 10
    Dyl 10
    Complete Full Back.
  12. Coopey5 x
    Coopey5 x
    Kingsman - CM / DM
    1. Marcin87 x likes this.
    2. Marcin87 x
      Marcin87 x
      It's Kingsmen u donkey
      Jan 14, 2018
      Coopey5 x likes this.
  13. AndyB19
    golfingjesus19 CAM looking for club!
  14. Jake Brooks
    Jake Brooks
    Position : GK 87 rated
  15. Marcin87 x
  16. JaaaamesF
    Class like/message ratio
    1. Oscar likes this.
    FB CDM looking for a home :)
  18. Kian
    87 go looking for a club msg me on Xbox- kianhorton16
  19. Matt Kolb
    Matt Kolb
    Xboxone GT: Nuccigucci, I'm a 90 overall ST looking for club badly!! Can also play Cam or either wing, very versatile
    WHAT AB0UT IT tR Zinco
    Brilliant ST get this guy signed up ;)
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